I do not usually write or for the sake of a compliment
Hello everyone I usually do not write or for the sake of a compliment... But if something works, I'm the first one to admit it. My hair was traumatized: It was weak, it had insane fallout and it looked unhealthy and dry. In short: A DRAG!!! I was looking for natural remedies and came across Simple-Natural's site, but ignored it... A week later I made a trip from Herzliya to Safed, and there I came across the charming store of Simple-Natural. I said to myself - here's a sign, I'm buying! Buying proved to be a huge success! My hair is not falling out anymore, I like it very much and I just bought more products from the series to continue to treat and try-out! Thanks to charming Simon And it really comes from the bottom of my heart. do not be skeptical, because the results speak for themselves!
Tair Kowalski
Dear Simon
I wanted to inform you and everyone who enters your site. I bought the hair loss solution kit, and I must say that I was very suspicious about me buying this, but in the same breath, I can tell you that there is a tremendous improvement in fallout rate. It has not stopped completely now, but there is a very big difference regarding the situation before I started, and I feel a very serious change, and the hair is healthier and stronger. I highly recommend to anyone who suffers from the problem of hair fall out. Simon is a pleasant person, he explains everything, and believe me that I was quite a nagger, but he was always kind and forthcoming and this is also very important. In short, I highly recommend it. It just works and the results are obvious. Simon thank you
Michal bitton
Dear Simon, I was looking for a place to praise
Dear Simon, I was looking for a place to praise, a place for all to see in order that "Simple-Natural" will be known widely. I have found only this place. So I would like to say a huge "thank you: from a happy heart. Thanks for the little miracles I experience every day, thanks to your oils that I am using. And these are definitely miracles, because not only my hair loss stopped, but now, from the height of my age, my hair started growing and looks better than ever. I can't even describe in words the amount of compliments I am getting for the vitality of my hair, and I wonder what they would say if they would have met me back in time. And I thank you for the privilege, yes, it is certainly a privilege to use the oils and pills, and regain my hair's health, while keeping the wellbeing of my whole body, setting aside the mental health I won, which is not less important. Not for nothing, "Simple-Natural" is called in Hebrew "Cure of Scent". It indeed healed me also because of its herbal ingredients. In our first conversation you promised and indeed delivered. May your name become famous, because here, and only here, I have found the real answer to hair loss. And who else but you knows, how desperate I was and how much I have looked for remedy... I can only be grateful!!!!
Sharon Madmony
Dear Simon, happy holiday
Dear Simon, happy holiday and a lot of health, wealth and prosperity, and to all of you, dear friends, and I want to take this opportunity and recommend you the wonderful products and miraculous cures of "Simple-Natural", compounded strictly according to MAIMONIDES (RAMBAN) one of the greatest in medicine. As a Hair professional and stylist, I am highly recommending you with much love and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. It is worth your try. Anyone who wants a recommendation for the amazing Hair loss solution kit, can contact me through Facebook.
Tzipi Gal
Whole-hearted recommendation
Whole-hearted recommendation - dear friends. I've tried all the preparations that prevent hair loss but nothing helped. I gave up and said I do not believe anything anymore. When I heard all about Simon from "Simple-Natural" and after we talked over the phone, I thought it is worth a try. I bought the kit (Hair loss solution kit) and after a few days of usage, the hair loss stopped. The hair is healthy, shiny and beautiful. Dear Simon, I thank you for the sacred work that you do. I'd be happy to help and advise anyone who is interested....... It is worth a try!!!
Galit abramov
Good evening!
Hello everyone interested in the HADAS kit of "Simple-Natural". I bought the kit I am very pleased because of the wonderful results of the products. A few months ago I started having hair loss at the temples and I said to myself that there must be some solution to the problem. I discovered "Simple-Natural" on the internet, read about the products with focus on the "Kit", I called and bought it, and at the second month of usage, results were immediate and hair began to grow in places were hail loss started, and I started to have more hair on my head than ever before, and I personally am very happy in the light of the astonishing transformation I went through. All who are interested I recommend whole-heartedly and personally the kit You don't compromise on your health ... And the shame barrier you can always break ... Good luck to all who are interested and to the "Simple-Natural" team
Daniel Aharon
Anouk Padova's Personal recommendation!
Anouk Padova's Personal recommendation! To all who suffer from hair loss. For several months my hair "decided" that my crown is not a comfortable place to be, and the hair loss was scary ... I did blood tests and everything was normal. I took vitamins (zinc, Solgar's B complex...), Minixidil drug… Everything, but nothing did work. For more than a week I am using this kit and I have no more hair loss. AT ALL!! From day one. A brilliant invention. For me it is a greater invention than the invention of the wheel. It is not funny for me to lose hair... Although I like Simon, I said to myself, come on, here's another one that makes promises… Well Done! Well done for keeping your promise. Well done for creating such an excellent product. I am recommending it to everyone who has tried everything and gave up, and those who have not yet tried, instead of giving up - for more information... Anouk
Anouk Padova
I'm an optimist
I'm an optimist, but what I really hate are goodbyes. The very day we started to "say goodbye", me and the hair on my crown, I realized that I must find a solution. Everything I tried and all I thought that might help me, just did not work. I Turned to the botanic solutions and to "Simple-Natural" and on the first day our "goodbyes" was over! No magic no fairy tale! It is the truth alone! Thank God who created the plants that helped me find a simple solution, easy and is real. Thanks to "Simple-Natural" which connected me to the plants. Thanks for all that we have in this world.
Rinat Ben Arush Schori
Hello to all who are interested.
To "Simple-Natural", I have entered by chance, while wandering the Internet by night. With a lot of pain, frustration and terrible sorrow, I am suffering for years from hair loss which occurs in "waves" For years I am trying different products and drugs, going from one doctor to another, spending thousands. These and other clinics that promise healthy and abundant hair, are a disappointment - a big disappointment. In recent months, another pain was added to hair loss pain – a physical pain – a red and itchy scalp. Steroid creams and drops - and the situation only got worse. As mentioned, I came across "Simple-Natural" through the Internet, without knowing them – after a recommendation I read in one of the forums. Despite skepticism – I turned to them - what have I got to lose? I have reached Simon - a charming and sensitive person- and from the first conversation I already felt better - I was filled with hope. Within two days the hair loss treatment products arrived. 100% natural products - smells wonderful. Great sensation - and hair reacted immediately – it all relaxed. Combined with evening primrose oil droplets and hair loss complex, Hadas Shampoo and myrtle medical geranium Conditioner - within a week there is an improvement - and I'm hopeful about me continuance. This time, without big humbly, with nature's help, I will find relief to my pains. And to Simon, lots and lots of thanks for the guidance and support and your work.
L. A.
Hello, my name is Stephanie
Hello, my name is Stephanie and I would like to recommend to you a kit against hail loss. A little background: Until a year ago, I suffered from persistent hair loss which began after I gave birth and just refused to stop for more than two years. I was very concerned because there appeared baldness in different parts of the head, so I went to a dermatologist who made me a million tests and at the end told me that I have no medical problem and there is nothing much to do, because there is a general trend of baldness in the population because of various environmental causes. I decided to turn to alternative medicine (even though I did not believe in it until then) and after consultation with a teacher in Chinese medicine, I got the names of the plants that according to Chinese Medicine, encourage regeneration of cells in the scalp and induce hair growth. I found a factory in the Galilee which specializes in natural cosmetics, owned by a charming man and he made me a kit of those herbs that includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and oil taken orally against hair loss (the products are all natural with the Institute of Standards approval and the Health Ministry). I can only tell you that my life has changed since then. After one month the hair loss stopped and after two months, hair started growing again. Now I am using the products for almost a year, and, touch wood, the hair is abundant and doesn't fall out (by the way, use of the products is on a daily basis and no need to worry about daily shampooing, which deter many people, because these are not regular shampoo and conditioner). Following the successful treatment, many girls who saw the change with their own eyes, were interested, decided to try also, and bought the kit. They are all very satisfied and became regular customers of the enterprise, so I can say with full responsibility and without interest (other than my self-interest to preserve this wonderful enterprise, so and it will not end forever ... and another thing - helping people, knowing their plight very well) that those formulas work like a forceful magic. P.S. Another thing, I referred to him my best friend who suffers from Seborrehoeic dermatitis / Psoriasis and it fit her a combination treatment of oils and creams. She told me she was very happy and says that after one week of treatment she could feel the improvement, so I have no doubt that there is something these herbs. The plant is called "Simple-Natural" and its owner's name is Simon. There is also a website where you can go and have an impression. with regards and hope that I helped.
I have purchased a month ago myrtle shampoo
Hello my name is Eric. I have purchased a month ago myrtle shampoo and evening primrose oil I wanted to thank you for your products. After using them for a month, hair loss stopped, and the hair looks great and gets stronger. I want to thank you for your products and I will be happy to be updated in any other of your products for hair.
I used the cream Eshcol
I used the cream Eshcol and it is really as you've explained it is very good, shapes the curls and gives wonderful feeling of the hair. Besides, how great to have your wonderful products.
During a visit to Simple-Natural
During a visit to "Simple-Natural" I was recommended the Hadas shampoo, for hair loss reduction. For a year I am using myrtle shampoo which stopped hair loss.
Ratner Bela
Girls Stop!
Girls Stop! My name is Sharon and last year I suffer, really suffer from hair loss which is definitely crazy!! Throughout this year I have lost over half my hair for no reason known to conventional medicine. Because this issue bothered me a lot I tried everything possible. There was no vitamin that I didn't take, all kinds of various concoctions they recommended me to no avail. Two months ago, during Internet chatting, I got to "Simple Natural's" site and here began the salvation to my hair loss. "Simple-Natural" has a solution kit for hair loss, which contains oils for oral intake and other preparations for external use, and the same day that I have bought the kit's basic oils, I started the treatment. I must say that at this point I was still skeptical about the efficacy of the treatment. But the results were not late to arrive, already during the first week, it significantly decreased hair loss! Currently, two months after, the change is significant. I immediately recommended it to two of my friends that had the same hair loss problem, and also with them the results were not long in coming! The additional advantage and most important is that you have someone to turn to for personal consultation and follow-up treatment. At "Simple-Natural" you will find a great desire to help you to solve your hair loss problem. Who needs more than that?? Don't hesitate for a moment. Pick up the phone now and your hair will stop falling out!
Sharon Madmony
I have suffered for over half a year
My name is Shani and I am 21 years old. I have suffered for over half a year from severe hair loss. Hair was all around the home, in bed, on the pillow ... and then came to the stage where I realized that I had no hair left on my head and the hair that fell out didn't grew anew, my hair became sparse and the partings became very visible.. I got to plant medicine after trying every shampoo / possible treatment and there was no improvement, I came to "Simple-Natural" without any faith left and I began to accept the hair loss situation but I purchased the hair loss solution kit on based on rosemary, myrtle and nettle Today, one month and a half after treatment with the hair loss kit the hair is growing strong on my head, doesn't fall out and hair started to grow. .. My secret is persistence and complete faith in herbal medicine ..
Personal and warm recommendation to all those who do not believe in plants
Personal and warm recommendation to all those who do not believe in plants, Before I was exposed to the plants universe, I have tried many chemical products, trying to stop hair loss (Minoxi, food additives, etc.) not only there was no improvement, but the situation even worsened and I was afraid to loose hair by just combing it... I came to plants after a lengthy Internet research, I found a hair loss solution at "Simple-Natural", I was exposed to natural treatment without side effects. Already at the first week there was a very significant improvement in the appearance of the hair, and today, one month afterwards, the hair looks amazing and hair loss stopped!!! I am highly recommending..
I want to tell you some of my thoughts
I want to tell you some of my thoughts the past two weeks, and it is your choice whether to use it or not... I came you because of a distressful situation I was in. But I admit beforehand that I did not examined even one shelf product, for the simple reason, that I am a small believer in big promises. I confess also that I have not the extraordinary tendency to acclaim sellers and companies which usually sell disappointing or uninteresting products. But I really must and have to admit that I have a complete success with "Simple-Natural"! Too bad that I do not have an updated picture of how my hair looks today, you can see even my profile picture taken in June of this year the hair looks thin, dry and sparse. And if I would take a photograph today, the hair looks as if I gave it a million high quality additives, so you could be skeptical and say that it is because of hormones, vitamins, changing your diet, good sleep, coincidence or divine intervention, but I genuinely believe in the products that you personally prescribed me. I enjoy them, the quality, their naturalness and from your friendship and kindness. I never felt that you are trying to convince me to buy or try or believe - you just explained yourself and your products and that was enough. I'm using the products of "Simple-Natural" for over a year now and of course I am very pleased and strongly recommend to all my female and male friends. Incidentally, the last product you have sent me to try, Grape Peeling, is gorgeous!! I'm not a big fan of exfoliating but just seeing the naturalness of the matter - compared to the shelf products that can be found at all the chain stores (and of course I bought them dozens of times) is just healing to my eyes. So please, continue to make good products, healthy, natural and effective, and I will continue to buy from you and be happy all the way to the hairdresser!!
Tair Kowalsky
Dear Simon, you have concocted a wonderful product
"Simple-Natural" ...... Dear Simon, you have concocted a wonderful product that I discovered in your beautiful store, hair care shampoo from complex of plants did wonders for my curly hair, after various attempts, buying other products that did not help, I can't do without the marvelous shampoo that gave me great benefit and the hair loss stopped completely, and when I returned from Sri Lanka I immediately bought more, so it will not be missing……Recommended, great results and thank you Simon you’re your work is blessed. Bravo good day
Amalia Maman
Hello Dear Simon
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful hair mask that just stopped my hair loss immediately. I just call her "magic mask". Continue helping people with the wonderful products you produce. Every product of yours that I took, whether it Calcium complex + or citrons oil, it just works and you feel immediate results. Thank you very much.
I am treated about three months for hair loss
I am treated about three months for hair loss. I have suffered from fatty, itchy and red scalp, and also from severe hair loss, till I was disgusted looking at myself in the mirror. Today, after three months of treatment at a place in the North, called "Simple-Natural", my situation has improved MIRACULOUSLY! The treatment includes "MIND BODY" Internal treatment with herbs fighting stress, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, etc. ... and also by external treatment of nurturing the scalp with plants extracts which rejuvenate hair growth. I am strongly recommending