shumon shemla the herbalist, who has been gathering keen expertise, acts upon the strict principles of the botanical medicine in creating original green cure formulations. Out of his own applied researches, he began integrating Omega 3-6-9 Pure Argan oil  fatty acids from the Sage known for its beneficial stimuli, in his formulations.
Here is his masterpiece: The Original Preparation Line Omega3Herbs Pure Argan oil
The Omega3Herbs line integrates in its preparations the holistic principle of Mind and Body, by combining Ingestible essential Poly-unsaturated fatty acids oil supplement of MULTI-OMEGA-3-6-9  Pure Argan oil extracts of cold pressed SALVIA seeds.
When you enter the "Reviews" tab, you can read users testimonials of our preparations and how they helped them in a variety of cosmetics problems, including Hair-Loss.
We are TOTALLY committed to the quality of our preparations and to the wellbeing and welfare of each and every one of our cherished customers.
We are here to help you in substance and spirit, with advice and guidance, and you are welcome to enter the "Professional Advice" tab. Our advice does not substitute qualified medical advice.
Our preparations have not been tested upon animals and all of their packaging are recyclable for the sake of the environment and the individual.