Omega3Herbs Pure Argan oil  is the most advanced and remarkable natural care line, wholly compounded from medicinal herbs, which has been ever developed in the Galilee!


Since 18 years, the herbalist ,shumon shemla  is developing natural body and hair care preparations with the help of medicinal herbs, which the biblical Galilee is their natural habitat.



shimon shemla, the herbalist, who has been gathering keen expertise, acts upon the strict principles of the botanical medicine in creating original green cure formulations. Out of his own applied researches, he began integrating Omega 3-6-9 Pure Argan oil  fatty acids from the Sageknown for its beneficial stimuli, in his formulations.

Here is his masterpiece: The Original Preparation Line Omega3Herbs Pure Argan oil


A Person of Nature, Entrepreneur, Initiator and Director of the "Mrphbosem" centre
shimon  a botanical medicine herbalist, engaged with Phytotherapy and Natural Cosmetics, is a specialist for essential oil extraction from medicinal herbs. shimon is an expert in multi-faceted holistic treatments, centered around medical herbs from the Galilee in the Holy Land, the True Human Nourishment according, to the teachings of Maimonidesfocusing on the MIND-BODY complex.
shimon formulates unique preparations and products, aimed for the treatment of skin problems, hair loss and an array of cosmetic problems. He has an extensive background and experience in remedying hair loss and many skin problems, with exceptional success. Simon is a member of the Israeli Herbalist Association, with over twenty years of experience in traditional and ethno medicine and botanical medicine